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- The Battle of the River Plate - La Battaglia di Rio della Plata (1956) Ita Eng MIRCrew -

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Titolo originale The Battle of the River Plate
Paese di produzione Regno Unito
Anno 1956
Durata 119 minuti circa
Colore colore
Audio sonoro
Genere Guerra Storico Drammatico
Regia Michael Powell ed Emeric Pressburger
Sceneggiatura Michael Powell ed Emeric Pressburger
Musiche Brian Easdale

Aspect ratio 16:9

Peter Finch: Capitano Langsdorff - Admiral Graf Spee
John Gregson: Capitano Bell - HMS Exeter
Anthony Quayle: Commodoro Harwood - HMS Ajax
Ian Hunter: Capitano Woodhouse - HMS Ajax
Jack Gwillim: Capitano Parry - HMNZS Achilles
Bernard Lee: Capitano Dove - MS Africa Shell
Lionel Murton: Mike Fowler
Anthony Bushell: Millington Drake
Peter Illing: Dottore Guani
Michael Goodliffe: Capitano McCall
Patrick Macnee: Tenente comandante Medley
John Chandos: Dottor Langmann
Douglas Wilmer: M. Desmoulins
William Squire: Ray Martin
Roger Delgado: Capitano Varela
Andrew Cruickshank: Capitano Stubbs - Doric Star
Christopher Lee: Manolo
Edward Atienza: Pop
April Olrich: Dolores
John Schlesinger: prigioniero sulla Admiral Graf Spee
John Le Mesurier: Reverendo George Groves
David Farrar: Narratore

Subito dopo l'inizio della seconda guerra mondiale la corazzata tascabile tedesca Admiral Graf Spee opera nell'oceano Atlantico,

con l'appoggio della nave ausiliaria Altmark, come nave corsara ma, il 13 dicembre 1939, viene coinvolta nell'omonima battaglia

navale da tre incrociatori britannici: l'HMNZS Achilles, l'HMS Ajax e l'HMS Exeter. Danneggiata, riparerà nel porto di Montevideo,

autoaffondandosi quattro giorni dopo nell'estuario del Río de la Plata.

In the early months of the Second World War, Nazi Germany's Kriegsmarine sends out merchant raiders to attack Allied shipping.

The Royal Navy responds with hunting groups whose mission is to stop them. The group that finds the heavily armed pocket

battleship Admiral Graf Spee near South America is outgunned: Admiral Graf Spee is equipped with long-range 11-inch (279 mm)

guns, while the British heavy cruiser Exeter has much lighter 8-inch (203 mm) guns, and the light cruisers Ajax and Achilles have

6-inch (152 mm) guns. Despite this, they go straight to the attack.

The British are led by Commodore Harwood (Anthony Quayle), with Captain Woodhouse (Ian Hunter) commanding flagship Ajax,

Captain Bell (John Gregson) Exeter and Captain Parry (Jack Gwillim) Achilles. The British use their superior numbers to "split her

fire" by attacking from different directions, but Admiral Graf Spee, under Captain Hans Langsdorff (Peter Finch), inflicts much

damage on her foes; Exeter is particularly hard hit and is forced to retire from the battle.

Admiral Graf Spee, however, sustains damage, and takes refuge in the neutral port of Montevideo, Uruguay to make repairs.

According to international law, the ship may remain at neutral harbour only long enough to make repairs for seaworthiness, not to

refit for battle. With reinforcements too far away, the British spread disinformation that an overwhelming force is lying in wait,

hoping to buy time. While they are initially demanding that the Uruguayan authorities send Admiral Graf Spee out to sea within 24

hours, as the law dictates, they suddenly seem to lose interest and appear to tolerate her staying at anchor in Montevideo for as

long as required. This is a bluff intended to make the Germans believe that more British warships have arrived, when only the

cruiser HMS Cumberland is waiting on station. Taken in by this ruse, Langsdorff takes his ship out with a skeleton crew aboard,

and as she heads down the River Plate for the open sea, he orders her scuttled.


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Durata                      01:54:08 (6848.120005 s)
Contenitore                 matroska
Production date             Sun, 14 Jul 2019 09:20:34 +0200
Totale tracce               4
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Dati rilevanti

Risoluzione                 720 x 404
Larghezza                   multipla di 16
Altezza                     multipla di 4
DRF medio                   25.442831
Deviazione standard         1.803763
Media pesata dev. std.      1.312398

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Codec ID                    V_MPEG4/ISO/AVC
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Pixel aspect ratio          1:1 = 1
Display aspect ratio        180:101 = 1.782178 (~16:9)
Framerate                   25 fps
Dimensione stream           933,759,404 bytes (890.502361 MiB)
Durata                      01:54:08 (6848.12 s)
Bitrate (bs)                1090.82131 kbps
Qf                          0.150003

Traccia audio nr. 1

Codec ID                    A_AC3
Freq. campionamento         48000 Hz
Canali                      2
Dimensione stream           164,354,304 bytes (156.740479 MiB)
Tipo di bitstream (bs)      AC3
Frames (bs)                 214,003
Durata                      01:54:08 (6848.096 s)
Chunk-aligned (bs)          Sì
Bitrate (bs)                192 kbps CBR
Freq. campionamento (bs)    48000 Hz
Modo (bs)                   stereo

Traccia audio nr. 2

Codec ID                    A_AC3
Freq. campionamento         48000 Hz
Canali                      2
Dimensione stream           164,354,304 bytes (156.740479 MiB)
Tipo di bitstream (bs)      AC3
Frames (bs)                 214,003
Durata                      01:54:08 (6848.096 s)
Chunk-aligned (bs)          Sì
Bitrate (bs)                192 kbps CBR
Freq. campionamento (bs)    48000 Hz
Modo (bs)                   stereo

Bitstream video

Tipo di bitstream           MPEG-4 Part 10
User data                   x264 | core | H.264/MPEG-4 AVC codec | Copyleft 2003-2010
User data                   http://www.videolan.org/x264.html
SPS id                      0
 Profile                   [email protected]
 Num ref frames            2
 Chroma format             YUV 4:2:0
PPS id                      0 (SPS: 0)
 Tipo di codifica entr...  CABAC
 Weighted prediction       No
 Weighted bipred idc       B slices - implicit weighted prediction
 8x8dct                    Sì
Totale frames               171,203
Drop/delay frames           0
Frames corrotti             0
P-slices                    80150 ( 46.816 %) #########
B-slices                    83476 ( 48.758 %) ##########
I-slices                     7577 (  4.426 %) #
SP-slices                       0 (  0.000 %)
SI-slices                       0 (  0.000 %)

Analisi DRF

DRF nedio                   25.442831
deviazione standard         1.803763
max DRF                     48
DRF39                         48 (  0.028 %)
P-slices DRF medio          24.643019
P-slices deviazione std.    1.319209
P-slices max DRF            46
B-slices DRF medio          26.553237
B-slices deviazione std.    1.297546
B-slices max DRF            48
I-slices DRF medio          21.669922
I-slices deviazione std.    1.40398
I-slices max DRF            45

Conformità al profilo

Profilo selezionato         MTK PAL 6000
Risoluzione                 Ok
Framerate                   Ok
Min riempimento buffer      81%

Edition entry

UID                         1177215927
Nascosto                    No
Selezionato di default      No
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00:23:20,640-00:27:38,880   (06)00:23:20:640 {eng}
00:27:38,880-00:36:30,240   (07)00:27:38:880 {eng}
00:36:30,240-00:43:46,560   (000:36:30:240 {eng}
00:43:46,560-00:50:41,760   (09)00:43:46:560 {eng}
00:50:41,760-00:59:37,920   (10)00:50:41:760 {eng}
00:59:37,920-01:06:04,320   (11)00:59:37:920 {eng}
01:06:04,320-01:10:57,600   (12)01:06:04:320 {eng}
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01:16:27,840-01:24:04,800   (14)01:16:27:840 {eng}
01:24:04,800-01:28:21,120   (15)01:24:04:800 {eng}
01:28:21,120-01:33:47,520   (16)01:28:21:120 {eng}
01:33:47,520-01:39:34,080   (17)01:33:47:520 {eng}
01:39:34,080-01:48:04,320   (101:39:34:080 {eng}
01:48:04,320-01:54:08,120   (19)01:48:04:320 {eng}

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