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- Madonna - Im Going to Tell You a Secret (2006) [FLAC] {Bonus DVD} -

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Madonna - I'm Going to Tell You a Secret (2006) [FLAC] {Bonus DVD}

Studio WEA
Orig Year 2004
Discs 2
Release Date Jun 20, 2006
Rating Not Rated
Also Known As I'm Gonna Tell You a Secret
Movie Details Color, PAL, 16:9
Dolby Digital - English

.: Tracklist :

I'm Going to Tell You a Secret is the title of a documentary that follows pop singer Madonna on her successful 2004 Re-Invention World Tour, and also of an album containing live music from that tour.

The documentary I'm Going to Tell You a Secret chronicles early events on the tour such as dancer auditions, rehearsals and opening night, and continues all the way through the final show and her visit to Israel  late in 2004. The film premiered commercial-free on MTV in the United States on October 21, 2005.

The film received mixed reviews with Rolling Stone magazine mentioning that it "lacks the dishy delights of the diva's 1991 Truth or Dare doc. Instead, a more worldly Madge struggles to become a less sound-bite-reliant, more sincere person." The Guardian newspaper described it as "Fascinating, [it has] tiny flashes of insight into her relationship with Guy Ritchie, which occasionally involve her being just as girlie and ever so slightly insecure as the rest of us."

A CD+DVD package containing the documentary and the live album (see below) was relea
sed on June 20, 2006 by Warner Bros. Records and Warner Music

All the songs that appear in the documentary, including songs that are not from Madonna.


       * "Amazing"
       * "American Life"
       * "Beautiful Stranger"
       * "Die Another Day"
       * "Drowned World/Substitute for Love"
       * "Erotica"
       * "Frozen"
       * "Hanky Panky"
       * "Holiday"
       * "Hollywood"
       * "I Love New York"
       * "I'll Remember"
       * "Imagine"
       * "I'm So Stupid"
       * "I Want You"
       * "Justify My Love"
       * "Lament"
       * "Like a Prayer"
       * "Live to Tell"
       * "Material Girl"

       * "Mer Girl"
       * "Mother and Father"
       * "Music"
       * "Nobody Knows Me"
       * "Nobody's Perfect"
       * "Nothing Fails"
       * "Paradise (Not for Me)"
       * "Rain"
       * "Shanti/Ashangti"
       * "Sky Fits Heaven"
       * "Something to Remember"
       * "Thief of Hearts"
       * "To Have and Not to Hold"
       * "Vogue"
       * "What It Feels Like for a Girl"
       * "Words"
       * "X-Static Process"
       * "You'll See"
       * "Your Honesty"

   Not Madonna

       * "Dirt" - The Stooges
       * "Let the Sun Shine In"
       * "Looking for Love" - Aries Smith
       * "My Sharona"

       * "Rapsodie Espangole" - Katia Lebeque & Marielle Lebeque
       * "Rhapsody in Blue" - Katia Lebeque & Marielle Lebeque
       * "Susan MacLeod" - Lorne Cousin

CD Track listing
No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "The Beast Within" (Live) Lenny Kravitz, Ingrid Chavez; additional lyrics by Madonna 5:04
2. "Vogue" (Live) Madonna, Shep Pettibone 5:31
3. "Nobody Knows Me" (Live) Madonna, Mirwais Ahmadzaï 4:04
4. "American Life" (Live) Madonna, M. Ahmadzaï 5:21
5. "Hollywood (Remix)" (Live) Madonna, M. Ahmadzaï 3:59
6. "Die Another Day" (Live) Madonna, M. Ahmadzaï 4:03
7. "Lament" (Live) Andrew Lloyd-Webber, Tim Rice 2:27
8. "Like a Prayer" (Live) Madonna, Patrick Leonard 5:22
9. "Mother and Father" (Live) Madonna, M. Ahmadzaï 5:21
10. "Imagine" (Live) John Lennon 3:51
11. "Susan MacLeod/Into the Groove" (Live) Madonna, Stephen Bray, Donald MacLeod 7:19
12. "Music" (Live) Madonna, M. Ahmadzaï 4:54
13. "Holiday" (Live) Curtis Hudson, Lisa Stevens 5:44
14. "I Love New York" (Demo Rock Version) Madonna 2:52

Additional notes:

   * Recorded live in Paris on September 4/5, 2004 by Effanel Music.
   * Mixed by Stuart Price.


.: Other Files :.


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